Thursday, September 7th, 2017 09:59 pm
- two boys at school, hurray! Plus an object lesson in why when you need something done, ask the people who actually do it and not the people in the office. Philomythulus and Cub are both going to school now (and how did that happen? lately I've been more and more in sympathy with people talking about how fast time goes). The problem is, Cub needs to be dropped off at school, and Philomythulus needs to be collected on the school bus from home. This is tricky to coordinate. Last year it worked, I could get Cub to nursery with Philomythulus in tow and then get home in time for the bus to collect him. This year the bus wanted to collect him at precisely the time I would be dropping Cub off. I rang the office and asked if there was any chance it could be altered. They faffed and muttered and finally said no, sorry, it was all too complicated. Fair enough, it's not impossible for me to drop Cub off and then drop Philomythulus off, the problem is that access and parking is severely limited at Philomythulus's school and they don't like having parents doing the drop-offs. So I take Philomythulus in this morning and am buttonholed by the lovely escort on his bus, who asks why he isn't on the bus. I explain. She goes away and talks to the driver for five minutes. Turns out that the assigned bus route is stupid: it has them drive down a street to collect a kid, come out to our house, then go back to the same street to collect another kid, for no apparent reason. They propose collecting both kids at once and then another kid, then coming to us last, which is a much saner route and involves less going back and forth on the extremely busy main road. Everyone agrees that this is very sensible and works perfectly. Problem solved.

- still working on Vorhalas. I actually went out walking around a wood at night, when we were on holiday, for research purposes :-). There are two moons on Barrayar, aren't there? I'm in the tedious ending bit where I've written all the fun scenes and now I have to stitch it all together and make it make sense. Eventually I'd like to find someone to beta it - anyone up for maybe 12-15,000 words of Vorhalas during the Pretendership?

- right now I seem to have a new Stan Rogers song on repeat every day or so, and I'm loving them all. This started with Barratt's Privateers, then Northwest Passage, then The Mary Ellen Carter, then MacDonnell on the Heights, then White Squall, The Flowers of Bermuda, The Nancy, The Witch of the Westmorland. Not many end happily except maybe the guys raising the Mary Ellen Carter but who knows. White Squall wins the prize for Most Depressing, the narrator watching the bright kid get washed overboard and going 'I told him not to do that' (though you'd think the guys'd learn: never, never show pictures of the girl you're going to marry to anyone when you're doing anything more dangerous than mowing the lawn). Northwest Passage is the best. Mary Ellen Carter is the catchiest. MacDonnell is the most Barrayaran, though Nancy is pretty Barrayaran too. Bermuda is weirdly upbeat for a song about the captain going down with his ship, but then, perhaps the captain in question would have preferred a cheery song. And the Witch is the most Romantic.

And I am seriously considering requesting The Nancy for Yuletide, because I'm weirdly fond of Captain Alexander MacIntosh, who spends so much time talking about how he hates men in fancy clothes and powdered hair you might think he protests too much, plus for someone so chippy he's very quick to tell you he's the nephew of the laird. I didn't quite follow it on my first listen and I thought he'd ordered Captain Maxwell below and fought their way out, but then on the second listen it seemed that Captain Maxwell left the ship and was made prisoner instead. I like the first interpretation better, and I'd love to read fic of him disarranging Maxwell's uniform afterwards, or pouring scorn on Captain Maxwell one minute and then fighting like a tiger to save him the next. But perhaps it's not quite the thing to ask for Yuletide fic based on a mishearing of a song?